Consious kitchen and table ware

Bringing back high quality local workmanship is one of our goals. We have to take our responsibility as designers and entrepreneurs. We aim for high quality products that help to prevent the throw away and single use mentalilty. Producing without waste material became a sport to us and now it is our normal daily standard.

Picture by: Barbara Vos


We love to see real articians at work, their passion is something to be proud of. We should treasure it.

Picture by: Barbara Vos

Long lasting 

We aim for the best quality which lasts for years, for example an enamel cooking pot which goes from mother to daughter.

Picture by: Barbara Vos

Your environment 

We use friendly materials to humans and our environment.

Chakai Tea

Chakai Tea is one of our products. This is a purified green tea.

With Chakai Tea you can enjoy your own little tea ceremony.

The Japanese tea ceremony is a tradition in which drinking of tea has been elevated to an art form.


Care about the world

The world is our inspiration