Your Health

Our Fine China Chakai Tea is a green tea. Green tea is very good for your health. Hereby we sum up the benefits of  green tea: 

1. Excellent source of antioxidants

2. May provide protection against cancer.

3. Relieves the symptoms of arthritis.

4. Good for your heart and blood vessels.

5. Reduces the risk of stroke.

6. Reduces stress and fatigue.

7. Prevents cavities in your teeth.

8. Delays skin aging.

9. Good for your brain

10. Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes

11. Helps you lose weight

12. The most important of OUR tea is: we filtered the branches and other irregularities out of the tea. You don't need that, who wants to drink branches?! 


With Chakai Tea you will have the purest tea!

Picture by :Andre Furtado

We filter our tea for you

Picture by :Barbara Vos