Chakai - The informal tea ceremony

Japanese tea ceremonies are divided into two categories: chakai (茶会) and chaji (茶 事). A chakai is a relatively simple gathering consisting of sweets, thin tea ( 薄 茶 , usucha ) and may include a light meal. A chaji, on the other hand, is much more formal and usually includes a full kaiseki meal followed by sweets, thick tea ( 濃茶 , koicha ) and thin tea. Chakai can be seen as an informal tea gathering.


A tea ceremony consists of a series of predetermined actions that are performed one after the other, in order to fully enjoy the tea and to maintain various traditions in Japan. The ceremony is so concentrated and serious in nature that it has become part of the practice of Buddhism , especially the Zen movement within this religion.



Your own informal tea ceremony

 How cool is it to have your own informal tea ceremony with sweets, like a high tea. Invite your dear friends and enjoy making the tea and eating the finest pastries and cookies. The Chakai tea fits in perfectly. Scoop some tea particles in your glass with the wooden spoon. You get the feeling of having your own little ceremony. Be a tea master for one moment :)

Picture by: Barbara Vos

Picture by: Cottonbro

Picture by: Enric Cruz López