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Create your own tea ceremony with matching tableware. In order to optimally enjoy our Chakai tea, we sell beautiful tableware. By using beautiful crockery, drinking tea becomes a real experience.  The beautiful paintings refer to the Far East where tea was originally discovered and where a lot of tea still comes from today. By using the tableware with quotes or stories on them we want to enhance the story telling at the table. Get rid of your phone and join the conversation with family and friends to create real value. Tell stories to each other you will never forget! 


The tableware is of high quality, made by hand from porcelain, the purest type of clay. Tea is preferably brewed in a pot that can retain heat well, such as earthenware, porcelain or cast iron. Check in advance how many servings of hot water the teapot contains in order to dose the right amount of Chakai tea. Tea can also put directly in a glass or cup by dosing the Chakai tea in the cup and then pouring the hot water on the loose tea. The tea particles now dance in the glass or cup and give off a delicious taste!